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 No, I'm not singing the national anthem. 

 I'm speaking emotionally, 

 about how to do good rationally. 



On doing good, smarter

  • How to THINK about doing good, then act accordingly

  • How to do good, better

  • Biases, fallacies and misconceptions preventing us from impacting change

  • You are a resources for change. Invest yourself strategically.

  • Citizen advocacy: activism that actually impacts counterfactual change

  • The Less-Harm Limitation: why do more good, too

  • 80/20 altruism and impact hacks

  • etc.


On high-impact philanthropy

  • Impact-maximization: why and how to give strategically

  • Cause prioritization theory: what matters when choosing causes to support

  • The difference between low- and high-impact charity

  • Philanthropic planning for millennials 

  • How to be a horrible philanthropist: a nonprofit leader’s perspective

  • Hard truths about high-impact philanthropy: biases, fallacies and misconceptions

  • Alternative philanthrolocalism: everywhere is local for some

  • etc.


On volunteering and impactful careers

  • How to volunteer impactfully / How NOT to volunteer

  • Voluntourism pre-departure checklist

  • How to break into the international humanitarian and development sectors

  • Laying the groundwork for international careers with the United Nations and INGOs

  • Internationalizing your career AND impacting change

  • Taxonomy of international NGO jobs

  • etc.


On the nonprofit sector

  • Lessons from working in war zones and responding to natural disasters

  • The realities of working in the humanitarian sector 

  • Why NOT to be an aid worker 

  • Humanitarian and Human Rights Advocacy 101

  • etc.


On impact and fulfillment

  • Lessons from ~70 countries about what matters

  • Don’t follow your passion: finding the intersection of joy, impact and fulfillment

  • Save-the-world paralysis: building career, impact and fulfillment capital

  • Perspectified: stop trying to find yourself and start making yourself

  • etc.



  • On responding to the Syria crisis

  • On responding to the Book Haram crisis in NE Nigeria

  • On responding to the earthquake in Haiti and returning a year later during the Cholera outbreak

  • On coral reef conservation in the Philippines and Cambodia

  • etc.


past talks.

Corporate + Academic

  • Oxford University

  • Cambridge University

  • United Nations

  • International Medical Corps

  • Mercy Corps

  • University of California system

  • California State University system

  • etc.

Conferences + Events

  • Lessons From Abroad Conferences (many)

  • PechaKucha

  • Portland Happiness Fest

  • Lightning in a Bottle

  • Lucidity Arts and Music Festival

  • Oregon Country Fair

  • Burning Man

  • etc.

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